About the Artist

Aidan Liban is a 33-year-old British artist with two master’s degrees and a Bachelor degree. He studied at the University of Greenwich, University of East London, Middlesex university, and finally at Central Saint Martins. Whilst briefly studying fashion styling at Central saint martins he fell in love with the world of fashion and Art. Over the years he has been a celebrity stylist, as a runway model all whilst pursuing his art career.
During the pandemic last year aidan embarked on his most ambitious project ever. A Christmas jumper adorned with diamonds, Swarovski Christal’s and 24k karat gold thread all handmade on his own. He has Spent all of his savings into this work of art.

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The inspiration behind the jumper

Growing up Aidan has never had a Christmas jumper before, so when he decided to create one, he had to create one that would be magnificent, eye-catching and breath-taking. it would be the most fabulous one ever. A truly one of a kind. A piece of art. Taking advantage of the lockdown aidan spent over 6 months and 3000 hours working on this jumper meticulously by hand. He had to source all his material from the best experts in the world.

  • 0ver 150 diamonds sourced from Hatton gardens
  • Almost 2000 Swarovski crystals have been used through the jumper.
  • The 24k gold thread to used not just used as stiches but also creating imaginative miniature Christmas trees entirely from this gold thread.
  • The 100% Italian silk which is used to linen the inside to the jumper